Tray Selector 1.0.002

Tray Selector 1.0.002



Date Added:05 March, 2009



It is often very useful to load up your printer with paper so that your headed paper is in one tray and your plain paper is in another and then print your first page on your headed paper and all subsequent pages from your plain paper tray. Later you might want to print all your pages to the plain paper tray or print your entire document to a different printer perhaps a colour printer. With Tray Selector you can setup different printing buttons in your toolbar so you can access your different printing options in a single click. Instead of having to keep changing complicated page setup options in Microsoft Word every time you want to print, you just need to set them up once and assign them to a toolbar button. From then on just choose the button you want and click it to print. Tray Selector is a simple solution to a common problem. It increases your productivity and helps the environment by eliminating printing setup mistakes.Tray Selector is shareware. You can download and install it online in just a few minutes and try out a fully functional version for 30 days with absolutely no obligation. We are sure you will find it helpful but if not then just uninstall it you have nothing to loose. If you like it then you can buy it for just $19.99.

Systems: Windows

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